Learn to Invest in Real Estate – Property Flip Sep 16th, 2021

Learn to Invest in Real Estate - Property Flip Sep 16th, 2021

Each week the McCarroll Team goes through available properties from the market in Hamilton, Ontario and finds opportunities to bring our clients.

These properties are typically on the market when presented and the team will break down how they would approach the project, including the financial breakdown, to make the opportunity profitable.

To join us LIVE on our weekly investing show where we present these opportunities, give a breakdown of the market in Ontario and Canada, and answer your questions LIVE, head to this link to sign up for FREE:

If you have any additional questions, want more information, or are looking to start investing yourself, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with the McCarroll Team at:


The McCarroll Team is a team of real estate agents who focus primarily on investment real estate and are located in Hamilton, Ontario. With over 10+ years in the investment world in the city, their experience with properties and effective investment strategies is unparalleled.


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