Leila Hormozi Paid Grant Cardone $120k To Coach Alex Hormozi It May Surprise You Why

Leila Hormozi Paid Grant Cardone $120k To Coach Alex Hormozi  It May Surprise You Why

Leila Hormozi Paid Grant Cardone $120k To Coach Alex Hormozi It May Surprise You Why
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Leila Hormozi
I paid Grant Cardone $120,000 to coach my husband…what we learned.

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  1. I remember when GC looked like he was having a total meltdown like 2 weeks into Corona. I bet if you go back and watch those videos now they’d be hilarious.😂 I’m not trying to laugh at somebody’s hard times but damn, that stuff was funny. He was totally cracking up and making no sense. I was laughing real time but I’m Gen X. Ha! Now everyone else can laugh.

  2. I went to her channel. She basically is making shorts wherein she says the same things that hundreds of well known business people say. She's cashing in on her Narcissism, she seems spoiled. Grant's not perfect in anyway and he admits it. This woman? Good Gawd she's full of herself!

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