Let’s Talk Doing Deals Virtually and Getting Creative with Joe McCall

Let’s Talk Doing Deals Virtually and Getting Creative with Joe McCall
Virtual Assistant

Joe McCall is a national speaker, financing coach, and real estate investor. He specializes in real estate investing, real estate speaking, online training, virtual assistants, outsourcing, and networking, among other talents. Joe is also the author of Wholesaling Lease Options as well as the host of the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast, where he interviews fellow real estate experts regularly.

Joe joins me today to share how you can take advantage of lease options for your wholesaling business. He describes the reason he became an investor and explains why wholesaling is a great entry point into real estate. He explains how you can hire and train VAs from the Philippines and how you can protect your lease options properties. Joe also discusses why lease options have a bad reputation in the industry and highlights the importance of finding attorneys that specialize in real estate law.

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