LIVE Real Estate Investing Q&A (Pt. 2)

LIVE Real Estate Investing Q&A (Pt. 2)

Welcome to part 2 of the real estate investing Q&A! Today we talk to more live listeners, specifically about their mindset when it comes to real estate investing. We’ll talk about scaling, finding balance, and the things Brandon and David wish they had done differently. This advice could save you LOTS of money and time in your future real estate endeavors!

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Episode #469

Show notes at:

0:00 Intro of Show
0:26 Intro with Brandon and David
3:22 First guest
15:31 Guest 2 Joseph
29:08 Guest 3
56:04 Guest 4 Mike Webb


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  1. hi! i got given 150k and i would like to know what would you do so in 15 years time i would have a property portfolio so i can have financial freedom.i'm 36,any help would be great!thanks

  2. Really enjoying the Q & A formats from live listeners. I would suggest doing these monthly. I would also love to see you guys assist a newer investor though the process of buy and hold, BRRRR. And at different scales (1 unit… 50 units). Once agan, thank you for the wealth of knowledge.

  3. Why people don't do what they say they want or should do – is because they haven't seen themselves as the type of person that can do that thing. Once you see yourself as that type of person, doing that thing, you know you can do it because you already have seen yourself doing it in your mind. Most people do the opposite – see or think of all the reasons why they can't.

  4. What if I told you that jobs are also scalable? About to be working 2 IT jobs at the same time since I automated it mostly for one of the jobs which lets me automate another.

  5. Both episodes were great of the QA series. You asked for feedback regarding doing the traditional interview podcast versus the Q/A type podcast. I think a mix of 70-80% traditional interviews podcasts and 20-30% Q/A type podcasts. However, the request I have is to have podcasts for people that started later in life. Obviously, I wish I got into real estate when I was younger, I didn't get into it until I was 45. Can you do interviews that are more in tune with people that are in the older stage of life especially as you know the responsibilities as an older parent? Thanks.

  6. Regarding balancing work and life… and getting more done:

    23:23 "First thing is… ask who not how… learn it, leverage it, and lead others on how to do it… three dimensions of success. Learn how to do something really really well in your business… Teach it to somebody else and leverage the work to them… Lead that person to be the best they can be at learning it and doing it by themselves. If you can get that down, you can do anything…." – David

  7. Hey guys, while I liked the Q&A, I think I prefer a more in depth interview. I feel like I can pick and choose the complete episodes that better fit me than I can on the Q&A.

  8. Question for your next podcast "What would you do to increase net worth and get cash flowing properties in today's market"? House hacking and using the BRRR method still ok with this crazy market? Starting with one rental already

  9. You mentioned a couple times that right now is the hardest time to find deals. Would you advise those who want to start now to do something else instead?

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