Make A Fortune Investing In Fortune Brands | FAST Graphs

Make A Fortune Investing In Fortune Brands | FAST Graphs

If you like investing in consistent predictable double-digit growth as I do, then you will love Fortune Brands Home and Security Inc (FBHS). Not only has this high-quality home and security company produced exemplary and consistent growth in earnings, cash flows, and sales, they have also raised their dividend every year since they started paying one in 2013. Despite today’s inflated stock market, Fortune Brands Home and Security Inc. is currently available at an attractive valuation and poised for both growth of capital and growth of dividend. In summary, I consider Fortune Brands Home and Security Inc. a GARP (growth at a reasonable price) opportunity.

Fortune Brands $FBHS

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  1. Mr.Chuck, could you do analysis on aircraft and engine manufacturers. Boeing, airbus, general electric and rolls royce especially. Thank you!

  2. Hi, thanks for the video but do they have any real moat? Looks like anyone can enter this market and compete with them? What is their market share or main competitors? Arent they threatened by companies like Home Depot etc? Second – this business will be crushed in next real estate crisis, won't it be so? That crisis will come, I guess. But maybe then, this could be good time to buy…

  3. It would be interesting to see the sp500 correlation to fcfo , I think it would look less overvalued since big tech makes 25% of the index and those companies produce monster cashflow.

  4. Thanks Chuck for another great analysis. I wouldn’t mind an analysis for PRU. I think the insurance companies could do well when interest rates increase. I like UNM as well

  5. I think the next 10 years Chuck is going to be very….very….interesting….Hard to figure out where to put your money to be honest. I guess that's why I own a bit of everything now.

  6. great video as always chuck! much appreciated and I’d love to see an update on Meredith (MDP) as they have recovered significantly and am indecisive whether I should sell or hold (up 250%).

    thanks and best regards from germany

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