Market Watch: Price Cuts SURGE to 25%

Market Watch: Price Cuts SURGE to 25%
Buying Real Estate

Market Watch: Price Cuts SURGE to 25%
Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas Texas.

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Are we in a housing bubble? Will real-estate crash? Is there a housing crisis? How do credit reports work? What are the new Tax laws? Listen to the data and please share your own stores and opinions. It is more important now more than ever with so many changes and challenges. We plan on bringing more and more videos on real estate and how to educate and empower yourself. Please like and subscribe but most importantly empower yourself with education!

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  1. Don't be a fool!
    Check the price history and you will see the house was half the price couple of years earlier and now it's listed for double that. Even a $50K price is not bargain on $500K house, when it was just purchased for $300K. Most cuts are like that. Be sure to check the validity of those cuts. It's an attempt to fool buyers. I think after all these, we are smarter than that 🙂

  2. I just wanted to share with you guys, I went to an open house south California last Friday (2 days ago), 1200 square-foot, 62 years old, small yard. It was priced at 899K. Today (Sunday), I went to revisit or maybe put an offer and negotiate the price. The realtor told me that they accepted above a 1 Mil offer and it’s a very strong offer. So here is what’s happening in my neck of the woods.

  3. This tightening the fed is doing that’s flipping the market will it continue if we start showing deflationary signs? Such as lumber prices dropping, used car market dropping, and house prices normalizing 🤔 when interest drop from 8.6 to 4.0 or lower wouldn’t the Fed just adjust and stop this so called crash from happening?

  4. The RE Industry is trying like HELL to set the BOTTOM right now… sorry but the market its buyers sets the market going forward. Lots of builders in my area have kept the top price for purchase range of a new build, but have lowered the bottom price in an attempt to get “fence sitting” buyers to take the bait. NOPE!! Understand this: We are just in the first inning of this upcoming extended innings game, so put your checkbooks away and be prepared to sit tight for a long time… if not then you’ll get burned.

  5. Can you give me an example where someone had to buy a house? I always thought you can always rent and I can't imagine buying a house is a force choice. Another youtuber said when you have to buy a house…

  6. I’m ready with all the ammo saved up, Travis. I think the earliest I dip my toes in the market would be middle of next year. What do you think?

  7. Just remember folks the Lyers in the Media are saying Inflation is at 8% or so, Well with the Current Administrations management we are going straight up to over 20% inflation that means intrest rates will go higher meaning RECORD HIGH Levels can you afford that?

  8. I looked at all the listings in Vegas with price cuts. The largest was from $1050000 to $900000, one was only $1? Prices will drop to at least Jan. 2020 levels, but if interest rates go high enough, they will go lower!

  9. Central Florida and the east coast are still way overpriced with little reductions. It’s very slow… going with hardly any drop in price for homes here. People are holding to these insane and inflated prices!!! Crazy!!!
    Hopefully the months to follow with show prices on the down slope!!

  10. Travis, there is a guy on you tube with a channel called "one rental at a time". He has all the statistics on the previous down turns in the housing market, one in early 80's and one in 2005/2006. Take a look and see what you think. Based on what he says the number of houses, both new and existing, sold went down as much as 60 percent particularly in 2006. I replied and asked him how did this affect the prices since he didn't mention it and his reply was they didn't go down at all. They stayed where they were. They just didn't appreciate by the sound of it. It is very confusing right now the housing market. There are many conflicting views.

  11. Good content! I've seen this in the San Antonio Area. So many price drops with homes only on market for a week or less. I've been preaching that there would be a shift for a good while. I remember the 2008 -2009 days. This is much different. But, the inflation and FED unable to bail people out by opening the printing press. This downturn my be more far reaching and damaging. We are just getting started too.

  12. Most realtors/sellers are still in denial…. They don't understand why they are not getting bidding wars any more.

    It is all downhill from here. Papa Powell has ensured 6-7% mortgage rate for the foreseeable future.

    Just sit back and watch the real estate market sink like Titanic.

    Anybody buying a house Now should get their head checked.

  13. Hi Travis. I love your videos Brotha! Question??? I bought a condo in Las Vegas last year in September for $245k and it keeps going up in price month after month. Today it went up another $7k and it is now worth $301k. I am with you that this real estate market is about to crash but how is my property going up in value when real estate as a whole is beginning to go down in price?

  14. This guy does not understand real estate investing. Why the only property he owns he lived in it just a couple of months. Why he thinks real price will drop this year and not the “wish price.” Housing has a long way to go before real prices even goes red.

  15. The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this, the rich invest their money and spend what's left while the poor spend their money and invest what's Left.

  16. 5:42 not a victory yet. prices will not have come down by august, rates still at 6%, not sure who is the person that you are talking to that can claim a victory and go buy a house in august.

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