Married Couple Launches Wholesaling Business And Gets 9 Contracts In 10 Weeks Using Radio

Married Couple Launches Wholesaling Business And Gets 9 Contracts In 10 Weeks Using Radio

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Today’s episode is a special one! If you’ve ever worked with a spouse, you know it presents certain challenges. 10 weeks ago, a married couple, Christy and Jake Booher, launched their real estate company together and already have 9 contracts from radio.

In this episode, they’ll share their secrets to success for working with your partner and for using radio to generate leads. Check it out now!

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—– Who is Chris Arnold & What is his Experience in Real Estate Investing? —–

Chris is a real estate investor with over 15 years of experience. He is the co-founder of COSA Investments, one of the largest wholesale companies in the DFW Metroplex, founder of Arnold Elite Realty, a cutting-edge boutique brokerage, and creator of REI Radio, a real estate marketing coaching program teaching other real estate wholesalers how to find motivated sellers using radio!

His real estate companies are operated 100% virtually, giving him the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, but he chooses to do it from the gorgeous Tulum, Mexico. His passion for coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs has led to the creation of The Multipliers Mastermind.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner looking for how to get started in real estate quickly or a seasoned real estate expert, radio advertising is one of the easiest ways to find motivated sellers in your area!

Chris has successfully used radio to grow his virtual wholesaling business for over 10 years, closing over 2,500 deals. He has experience in wholesaling, real estate investing, fix and flip, virtual wholesaling, real estate marketing, radio advertising, and more! Chris now shares his expertise with other real estate investors looking to grow their wholesaling business.

—– Do You want to Become an Expert at Real Estate Wholesaling? —–

When it comes to real estate investing and real estate wholesaling, one of the easiest ways to get started is using radio to find motivated sellers in your area. Using radio, you can quickly generate high-quality leads without direct mail, cold calling, driving for dollars, or other time-consuming marketing tactics. Instead, you can use radio to attract sellers to you.
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When it comes to wholesaling real estate & real estate marketing having a good mentor can determine your success! Chris Arnold will teach you how to use radio to generate motivated sellers for your wholesaling step-by-step in the REI Radio coaching program.

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Multipliers is an Expert Community built for those pursuing a Life of Significance while being a Beast in Business, and choosing to help others achieve the same.

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