Massapequa, Long Island Fix & Flip Home // Handsome Homes, Episode 7

Massapequa, Long Island Fix & Flip Home // Handsome Homes, Episode 7

We transformed a 2 bedroom ranch into a 3 bedroom ranch, check it out!

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Charles Weinraub AKA “The Handsome Homebuyer” is the owner of Mandalay Holdings Inc, a local real estate development conglomerate that includes Captain Permit LLC. Charles graduated from Wantagh High School before completing his Bachelor’s in Business Administration at Hofstra University and finally attended NYU for a master’s degree in Real Estate Development. Charles has been featured in Long Island Business News, Newsday, and other local publications as a rising star in the Long Island Real Estate industry. He is sought after by institutional investors and high net worth individuals to safely deploy capital in the Long Island real estate market.


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