Meet The Person Who Runs My Real Estate Investing Business… | Ep. 005

Meet The Person Who Runs My Real Estate Investing Business... | Ep. 005

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As some of you may know, I am a huge believer of working ON your business instead of IN your business. Working in your business is no different than being an employee. I own multiple six and seven figure businesses, and I make sure to work on them instead of in them.

That being said, meet my right hand man, Sean Bob, who runs Homerun Offer, my real estate investment company. Sean is the definition of an all-star. He is very knowledgeable in the real estate space. Sean does a great job networking with other realtors, wholesalers, flippers, and everyone in the real estate space.
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  2. I hope you can take this constructive feedback for your podcast. After watching and listening to all first 5 episodes of your podcast, here are something I think you can improve on.

    1) Consistency of pace of energy throughout the podcast. The energetic vibe of each episode so far plateaus not long after the intro. Usually your videos (not podcast) are faster paced and higher consistent energy throughout the video. The intro is where the energy vibes get are at its peak. The pace of the podcast feels a bit slow which usually drags out the energy of the podcast.
    2) Volume is a bit lower than I expected for most of the podcast episodes so far. Even at the peak volumes, it sounds and feels a bit compressed? if that makes sense.
    3) Will need a dynamic co-host with a dynamic relationship like Andy Richter to Conan O'Brien, or Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle, or Goku and Vegeta. Competitive relationship or Supportive relationship.

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