Million-Dollar Miami Apartments vs. $60K House Flips in Ohio | Buy This, Not That

Million-Dollar Miami Apartments vs. $60K House Flips in Ohio | Buy This, Not That

Million-dollar Miami apartments, $60K house flips in Ohio, a hard sell wholesale deal in Memphis, and potentially profitable play in Atlanta. You sent us the deals, and now, Jamil Damji and Pace Morby are here to give you their honest feedback. These two house hustlers have been making it rain in real estate for decades. With thousands of deals done and even more cash-flowing properties under their belt, they can smell a great deal from a mile away (and the stench of a bad one, too!)

But, Jamil and Pace aren’t just here to tell you whether or not to go through with a potential real estate investment. They give you even more options on what to do, which could lead you to an even greater outcome, with more property profits to share! As you’ll see in this week’s episode, every deal isn’t as great as it seems. Even if you lock in a low purchase price, run your numbers conservatively, and prepare as best as you can, there are still some issues only the experts can see.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and find your next real estate deal! But, before you do, stick around to hear what Jamil and Pace have to say. They might turn your problem property into a fat stack of cash!

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00:00 Buy This, Not That
01:10 Spending Millions in Miami
07:00 Hard Money in Ohio
11:42 High-Priced Wholesale Deal
19:39 Hard Sell in Atlanta
24:01 Submit Your Deal!

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  1. I love this format. It especially teaches creativity, bringing together all sorts of learning for win-win solutions. Testing myself by asking, "What would I do?" gives me a lot more confidence in my deal making ability. Great segment!!

  2. On the Miami MF scenario that is a very risky investment. Only takes one substantial or catastrophic storm to hit Florida where the MF is located and cause the MF property to be unlivable. Cash flow evaporates with one storm. I’m speaking from experience in South Texas after Harvey. Before that there was Ike and Rita, etc. climate change and catastrophic weather is real. My 2cents.

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