More Listings With Social Media | Content Marketing Real Estate Agents

More Listings With Social Media | Content Marketing Real Estate Agents

More Listings With Social Media | Content Marketing Real Estate Agents

Want to know how to use social media for real estate agents?

You may be looking for tips for new real estate agents in 2022 as digital marketing for real estate is booming.

Digital marketing for real estate companies doesn’t have to be hard!

At 19 years old Shawn Bell started in Real Estate with no one trusting his ability to perform.

Fast forward to today…
– He’s been at the top 1% in agents for Century 21 across Canada
– A top producer in real estate
– Owned a brokerage

… and more

He breaks down his experience on how to use social media to attract the highest quality of leads.

We go over how social media can actually help with your work-life balance and increase your revenue without increasing the time it takes to make it.

Social Media stigmas are broken in this episode as Shawn teaches you how to make social media easy as a Real Estate agent, even if you’re brand new and just starting out.

If you’d like to learn more about Shawn and follow his training check out his Youtube, Instagram, and free guide on the 7 Best things to post on social media as a real estate agent to guarantee your growth of leads.

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7 Best Things To Post:

Show Highlights

0:00 Intro

1:13 Starting Real Estate At 19 Years Old & Struggles

3:11 The Social Media Effect Of Attracting Leads

5:06 Hot Leads,Trust Hurdles, & Pre-Vetting Handled With Social Media

6:24 Increase Your Work-Life Balance With Social Media

8:08 Advice To Agents Who’ve Only Seen A Sellers Market & How To Prepare For Market Shifts

12:00 What To Stay Away From When It Comes To Building Your Real Estate Business

14:04 Overcoming The Fear Of Social Media

16:36 Finding Drive To Help Others In Real Estate

19:05 The One Thing You Need To Do Today To Get Started In Real Estate Today

21:44 Is Finding A Coach Or Mentor Good To Do When You Get Started

28:40 Social Media Doesn’t Have To Be Hard


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