New Home Disaster – Buyers Upset

New Home Disaster - Buyers Upset
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  1. I can verify this. Been cleaning new homes for 13 years. The shoddy craftsmanship is insane. Reminds me of the quote from Pure Country Ernest Tucker : The funny thing about that little white speck on the top of chicken shit. That little white speck is chicken shit too.
    One home, the people were so desperate to close and move in they closed right after the final, first clean. They had a mile long amendment. I can go on and on but buyers just dont care. All they want to do is move in. Nothing ever changes because that is they way it has been for decades then that is what they will keep doing it. Word of advice if you buy a new construction while being built. If your bathtub looks like the community porta John and trash bin, pass. If doing a walkthru and the home looks like a blue confetti bomb went off, pass. I can ramble on for hours. Just be diligent and remember the subs do not care. To be fair, the builders want a good product but sifting thru the many different contractors from plumbing to painters, mudders, framers, etc. is quite challenging. So, sometimes I can work miracles and make that speck shine, but not always.

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  3. This is exactly why my husband and I are seriously contemplating buying a plot of land, saving and planning for the next 3-4 years, then building our own custom house. These new houses are pieces of crap.

  4. I experienced it first hand…..and unfortunately my son bought his first home in 2021 had even a worst experience….both “new builds”….different companies…..same issues…. It’s the folks companies are getting away with using to construct the homes!

  5. Next step is going to be subs not getting paid. I haven't heard of that happening. "Finish the job and you'll get paid". Then, "We haven't sold the house yet, start the next one and I'll take care of you". Then the phone calls get ignored. I think construction is going to shift from builders to retail. Meaning the homeowners are going to start acting as their own GCs for their own projects.

  6. We purchased a townhome from Lennar and it is the worst decision of my life. Terrible construction and craftmanship. We have lived here eight months and we still have seven items on our walk through list that have not been touched. Handrails falling out of the walls, hardwood stairs cracking, tubs that were painted over because they let it sit in water and rust for months. Terrible I tell you and I have heard every excuse under the sun. The first day we moved in we had a leak from the HVAC system and my husband had to turn off the water and vacuum the overflow in our garage. My advice, do not move in until EVERYTHIN ON YOU LIST IS COMPLETE. Lennar's fiscal year closed on 11/30 of any given year and they will shortcut every thing to get you into the house for Wall Street and not Main Street. It is a terrible house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Scott – SB Mesa resident here. We bought a new townhome in a small 14 unit development in 2012. The builder was good about punchlist items in general, but there were so many defects and major shortcuts taken it's shameful. in ten years of ownership we've had our house flooded many times most recently a month ago – all were due to plumbing that had professionals scratching their heads trying to understand why someone would do it like they did. We've had to do drywall work countless times due to plumbing. It is painfully clear from repeated experiences that no code inspections took place, so to me that is how these things are allowed to occur. There is a Latent Defect Law that allows recourse for 10 years – latent defects are generally defined as those which are “not apparent by reasonable inspection”. Never would buy new construction again. Thanks for all the great videos.

  8. It's almost impossible to convince new home buyers that are buying new construction to get inspections of foundation, framing and electric and plumbing then a post inspection.

    I've seen new homes where the builders forgot to connect the sewer line

  9. When I was an appraiser, I would see this all the time with builders. My friends would often ask what I thought about this place or that builder. Basically they wanted affirmation not an honest answer. So happy I don't have to deal with that garbage anymore.

  10. I had the same issues when I bought my new construction home 20+ years ago. The contractor delayed, delayed, and delayed until I started emailing the City inspectors every few days. The inspector begrudgingly emailed the builder (I was cc'd) asking, not telling, them to address the issues so I would 'get off of his (the inspectors) back. All of these people involved have no shame. I'd say that the problems and issues brought up in this video and comments are far more the rule, and not the exception.

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