New Real Estate Agent Shares How To Get Clients In Your FIRST YEAR!

New Real Estate Agent Shares How To Get Clients In Your FIRST YEAR!

In this video, I interview another new real estate agent in my coaching program earning over $100k a year who shares how to get clients as a new realtor. In this interview, we break down her mindset to succeed as a new realtor, her daily schedule, lead generation strategy and how she’s able to win listings as a new real estate agent.

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Brandon is a real estate broker in Michigan and is the CEO of Brookstone Realtors. Real estate coaching is Brandon’s passion. He teaches real estate agents at his company and around the country how to get listings using his reverse selling lead generation system. His mission is to teach real estate agents how to sell without being salesy, he calls it reverse selling.


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  1. Brandon what a great interview. Ariella has indefinitely shown that you can do whatever you put your mind to. She's got a very busy house. Wonderful teamwork with the husband. Wishing her much success. She seems like a lot of fun to work with Thanks for the great content as always.

  2. I am enchanted with your sincerity. Social media and movie sell to the public the wrong idea what real estate is . This business creating a good leads data then follow up , follow up sometimes for months and years ! Then make money 💰

  3. Hey Brandon, stumbled upon your videos recently and man, you're dope as hell. I appreciate your work as all of us clearly do.

    I'm turning 27 and recently got my license but currently am working full time 8-5 with a real estate development company. I love the company I'm with and I see a future with them, but I have a burning desire in me to have my OWN business and my OWN clientele that I can nurture and grow with. No capped upside. All me. I want to just start man. My options are clear: quit and go all in, or use the rest of my time that is currently my personal time to start building my business. Is it realistic to hang my license with a broker and just starting freaking calling with that personal time? Could it be executed to some level of success from a reality standpoint? 3 hours on weekdays 5-8pm (or however late I can without bugging people too much) catching people going home from work and early and more hours on weekends. I want to start, stay consistent, and who knows? I'd do this with the intention of building my business to the point where I can leave my job and go all in. That would be my mindset. I know it sounds like a red flag that I'm saying I want to stay in this job, but quitting is something I'm 100% open to in the future. I guess my question is…what do you think about this and can it be done? I'd only be able to meet with people for appointments on weekends or after 5 on weekdays as well, unless I can do it virtually too. How would I handle showings, maybe have a team member? Your guidance here would be so appreciated Brandon, thank you!

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