New Realtor Success Formula: How to be a SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agent

New Realtor Success Formula: How to be a SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agent

How to be a SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agent
If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition and become a successful real estate agent, this video is for you. In this video, I’m going to share with you the new Realtor success formula that can help you get more clients, sell more listings, and earn more commissions.

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About John Toublaris:
Born in Toronto, Canada, John Toublaris is an international speaker, award-winning author, real estate sales & mindset coach. Also, John is a Realtor at eXp Realty in Toronto, Canada.

With over twenty-one years of personal development work and professional sales training, John brings a wealth of real estate sales and coaching experience to his practice.

John is well known for and focuses on empowering real estate agents by overcoming individual mindset barriers to achieve greater sales performance. Throughout these years, John has had the privilege to be coached by many world-class real estate coaching and training organizations, which have helped him elevate his performance and quality of life, both personally and in business.

Furthermore, John has surrounded himself with and been trained by Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, and many other well-known speakers, coaches, and trainers.

John is committed to helping his coaching clients achieve top sales achievements to realize their dreams, goals, and desires. John has a clear understanding of the issues and challenges facing individuals seeking to achieve excellence in their life, as he will help you identify your blind spots for greater real estate sales performance and effectiveness in your life.

As an advocate of personal development, self-growth, and sports coaching, John has helped nine different ball hockey teams to win gold medals at Canada, Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto Cup Championships, through guiding, empowering, and inspiring his athletes.

John has also been a member of the Canadian National ball hockey team as well. Over the years, John has earned twenty-two medals, in both soccer and hockey, for top performance achievement.

John knows how to win and how to create winning strategies for all those he has the honor to coach.

John Toublaris, Sales Representative | eXp Realty, Brokerage
*Real Estate Sales & Mindset Coach
*International Speaker | Award-Winning Author
*Guinness World Record Holder

416-567-0477 | | Toronto, ON Canada


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