OfferMarket Podcast, Episode 4: Real Estate Investing Growth Mindset with Brandon Diaz

OfferMarket Podcast, Episode 4: Real Estate Investing Growth Mindset with Brandon Diaz

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0:10 Introducing Brandon Diaz
1:30 Life before real estate investing
2:14 Becoming a real estate investor
3:16 Real estate investing books
4:48 Flipping turnkey rental properties
8:02 Building a rental property portfolio
9:35 Bullish on Tennessee real estate market
11:53 Buying below replacement cost
13:51 Job site shenanigans
22:45 Coaching, mentoring, best-seller
26:23 10-year challenge
31:04 Be patient

Today we are joined by Brandon Diaz, a remarkable real estate investor and out of Tennessee. Brandon’s first real estate deal was a 17 unit portfolio he acquired using seller financing. Last year Brandon and his team acquired 28 properties in Memphis, Chattanooga, Pigeon Forge, and Nashville, TN. Brandon’s real estate investing is focused on flipping single houses to turnkey rental property investors, and BRRRing properties for his own long-term buy and hold portfolio.

In this video, Brandon shares his real estate investing story and principles for business success. You can read more about Brandon’s philosophy in his best-selling book, Principles of Winning:

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