Pop Up Coaching Call with Gavin Timms & Eddie Palacios

Pop Up Coaching Call with Gavin Timms & Eddie Palacios

As he transitions from acquisitions manager to real estate investor, Eddie keeps running into snags that he’s not sure how to fix. He’s done a great job figuring out a system that works for him and his VAs, and he’s created a marketing funnel that moves his records into warm leads. One of Gavin’s superpowers is creating real estate systems that give you leads with more automation. In this pop-up coaching call, Gavin identifies a few key areas that Eddie needs to work out.

Eddie’s experience as an acquisitions manager helped him figure out quickly that using a real estate script to talk on the phone was absolutely killing his sales call. Once he converted to a casual conversation that let the seller carry 80% of the conversation, he started closing more sales. So take a second and pause: How much do you let the seller talk in the phone call?

For most of his coaching clients, Gavin recommends that they get a giant whiteboard to keep track of their warm leads. That pulls the leads out of the CRM and into your constant line of sight so that you don’t forget the deals you’re working on or where they’re at in the process.

If listening to Gavin smooth out Eddie’s real estate system reminds you that you’ve got a bottleneck that you don’t know how to fix, give us a call. We’d love to see if we’d be a good fit.

What’s Inside:

—Eddie’s created a great system on his own, but there seems to be a bottleneck where his marketing isn’t generating the kind of leads he should expect.
—Automating colder leads can move some of those kinds of leads off of your plate, and leave you room for the warm and hot leads.
—Figuring out where to store leads and where to store records might be confusing if you’ve created a CRM that doesn’t differentiate these things.

Mentioned in this episode:
—REI Network on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrATDsB9fA65Ph752X2FmQg
—REISimple.com: http://reisimple.com/
—CoachJoe.net: http://coachjoe.net/
—REINetwork.com/apply: http://reinetwork.com/apply
—Real Estate Investing Mastery: https://www.realestateinvestingmastery.com/


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