Private Equity Real Estate Interview Mental Math Questions (& Answers)

Private Equity Real Estate Interview Mental Math Questions (& Answers)

Private Equity Real Estate Interview Mental Math Questions (& Answers) // As real estate continues to become more and more institutionalized, the expectations of incoming analysts at private equity real estate firms have risen higher and higher over the last few years.

At this point, a solid understanding of real estate finance is absolutely critical to landing a real estate analyst position in the commercial real estate industry.

And while most private equity real estate firms will administer some sort of Excel real estate financial modeling exam during the interview process, where you’ll have to sit down and build a real estate financial model in Excel based on a sample case study and assumptions, some firms will also want to test how you think on your feet in conversation during the oral part of the interview, as well.

While these questions generally test your knowledge of the main key real estate finance calculations, some of the most commonly asked questions around these topics can get pretty tricky.

So to help with this if you find yourself asked a tough real estate finance question on the fly (without access to Excel), in this video, we’ll talk through three of the most common mental math interview questions covered in private equity real estate interviews (outside of a timed Excel exam), sample questions you might be asked on each of these topics, and the answers and logic behind each.

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  1. Hey Justin,
    I was curious: do the complexity of these types of technical questions change depending what stage in your career you’re at? For example, do interns get asked the same questions as someone entering their third position, etc?
    Thanks for all the helpful vids!

  2. Hey, from your experience does age play a role in the hiring process for commercial real estate jobs? I'm 28 think about going back to school to get a degree to hopefully get into the industry

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