Real Estate Agent Reacts: Homeowner Fence Issues! First Time Buyer Tips and Advice | HOA Rules |

Real Estate Agent Reacts: Homeowner Fence Issues! First Time Buyer Tips and Advice | HOA Rules |
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Real Estate Agent Reacts – My Reaction to Homebuyers with Fence Issues – First Time Home Buyers Tips and Advice

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  1. One house i looked at was 2 years as old, Hoa, I said “oh ok no prob,” until I got the 50 page rule book. The agent kept saying “don’t worry they don’t really enforce that and that”. Once they said “no you can’t plant a garden”. I said and they asked for more, I was out. Got a used older home with plenty of trees between neighbors. Thank god.

  2. No HOA. I wouldn't want someone else deciding what color my front door or window blinds should be. Plus paying a fee to have the rules just doesn't sit well with me personally. I don't want or need a babysitter telling me what I can or can't do with my own property at this stage of my life. However, I wouldn't mind so much in my senior years where HOA fees cover lawn care & maintenance that I may not be able to do easily myself.

  3. At my last home, my neighbor had her fence 1 foot over the property line into my yard in some places, and when I mentioned it she had the gall to be upset with me and called me all manner of names. I prefer no HOA and yard with plenty of trees between neighbors.

  4. My sister had issues with her HOA once and they levied her bank accounts. Not only did they levy her bank account but they levied the bank account of an Ex who once lived with her. Talk about the drama that ensued….. The HOA had their bank account info because they paid their their HOA fees out of their personal accounts so it was easy for the HOA to levy their accounts and they wiped their accounts clean. Even the ex account was wipe and she no longer live there.

  5. Here in Maryland, most of the communities that I am interested in have an HOA. To avoid one would mean buying a much older home. I'm not open to doing that. HOA's have their place, and they do preserve the value of homes by having bylaws and covenants that each owner agrees to when they purchase. I just get frustrated knowing that there are several that have some pretty ridiculous rules to be following, and even more ridiculous people in charge of enforcing. The lady was petty for that fence painting action though LOL. But I understand the need for privacy and truthfully speaking, I'd want a high fence too. No one really wins in situations like this. I just say be sure you know what you're signing up for before you say yes to that there address.

  6. 2 of my neighbors have their yards fenced and I was curious if I just set up my fence branching off of their fence or how to deal w/ needing to build a fence when the neighbors already have one.

  7. It was hard to hear you when you spoke over the news clip video. Is it possible next time to play the news, and then after the news clip give your thoughts? 🙏 ❤️ But that lady with the rainbow fence is wildin out here. I prefer no hoa.

  8. Hi, Shaheedah Ms. Janel The Development told her it was okay for her to put up the Fence, Now they want to take it down, because they believe that She's over the Property line. She also being Fine Everyday, That's Crazy it's the Builder Fault, Don't Ms. Janel have a Signed Contact from them Definitely No HOA? Great Video, Thank you Shaheedah for Enlighting us about Hoa vs No Hoa.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  9. I have a HOA on a condo I own it’s now a rental , I had them on others it’s nice for keeping the place pretty that’s it , but my home in NM helllll no to HOA I have chickens , we are building a well , I have 16 rescues , we can do what we want I say F..k to HOA , we still do permits for a wall higher than 6 feet and for a well

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