Real Estate Buying In Portugal | From the Professional | It'll Be Fun

Real Estate Buying In Portugal | From the Professional | It'll Be Fun
Buying Real Estate

We talk to a professional realtor in Madeira Portugal to learn the ins and outs of buying property in Portugal. We are on the Island of Madeira speaking with our realtor today. Our goal in this video is to get you started with the basics for your new property search overseas. Many things are different when you move to a new country and your property search and purchase are definitely one of them. NUMBER One No MLS system to find your property. How will we live!

Let’s go. It’ll Be fun!

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Music by Scott Gorsuch, my little brother.

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About us: We are from the USA and have moved to the beautiful Island of Madeira in Portugal. We are very grateful to have this opportunity. We have put together this channel to talk about our journey.

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Are you thinking about moving abroad, becoming expats or immigrating? Each week we talk about our journey to retirement, in moving to Portugal, moving to the Island of Madeira and our new experiences. We also answer questions from our viewers!

Are you moving to Portugal or Madeira Portugal? Then this is the channel for you. We are living in Portugal as expats / immigrants. We hope you enjoy our content.

In case you do not know, the Madeira Islands are in the Atlantic Ocean about 325 miles west of Morocco and 625 SW of Lisbon.

Please note that programs or websites we mention are only for reference. We do not receive any money from these websites unless noted as an affiliate. Please do your own research before registering with any company or program. We can not be responsible if they are not what you were looking for or cannot provide the services you may require.

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  1. In spite of poor connection, I wanted to get this video out to you all! There is much to be learned regarding this journey.

    I hope this video can give a more reliable voice to some concerns you may have had!


  2. I didn’t notice any problem. 😮 another great video with your dad and Claudia. I have a question and have seen conflicting info on Madeira Facebook groups. For renters (non citizen on d7 visa) is there a standard for security deposits? Or is it whatever the market can bear?thanks

  3. We researched our financing with several mortgage brokers, but ended up going with a bank and financing that our realtor set up! No one could beat the personal relationship she had with our new bank! Process smooth, easy and a great deal…Fixed rate for 27 yrs!!!

  4. Thank you Alan, Leslie, Wolf and Claudia. Interest rates have a significant impact on housing prices, and they seem to be rising in many countries. When we purchased our house at the end of 1990, the interest rates were 14%. This had advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage was that it was a lot of money to pay out every month, especially for people who had already bought houses. However, since most people can only afford so much outlay, one advantage was that housing prices fell to about half of what they were a year before, at least for older buildings. Reduced prices didn't really affect people who were moving from one location to another, because they both bought and sold at about the same price. For us entering the housing market for the first (and so far only) time, it was ideal. We also had to make a down payment of about 20% of the purchase price. After a couple of years, interest rates started to fall again. The main advantage for us was that because of the low purchase price we were able to pay off our house purchase in five years. From our perspective the interesting fact is that of the sum of money we paid in those five years, about half went in interest, while the other have paid off the principal.

    With respect to construction costs, building materials in Norway in 2022 are now falling, after increasing significantly during the pandemic. Because of the higher interest rates, there are less people building, which means that building contractors have cut their rates to attract new business. Housing prices are expected to fall 10% in 2023. As a matter of contrast, our daughter in California has a 30 year mortgage at 2.55%. If she had to negotiate a mortgage today, she tells me it would be closer to 7%.

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  6. Thank you Alan, Leslie, Wolf and Grier for another great video, very informative, this is the kind of content that is most helpful for people looking to move to Portugal. Thank you so much Michael.

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