Real Estate Failure Rate – Real Estate Coaching

Real Estate Failure Rate - Real Estate Coaching

Why is the failure rate so High in real estate?

Well of course there is a huge group of people that are attracted to the potential income but they will never put in the effort. Then there is the next group of people that are victims of the plan.

Have you ever heard the quote: Failure to plan is a plan to fail.
Failure in real estate is typically because there is a bad plan, no plan or an unrealistic one.

Most agents are taught to find sellers, door knock, spend money on farming and other very expensive and time-consuming activities with the lowest probability of success.

Why is it the lowest? Because in real estate sellers pay the commission so you are dealing with an experienced and picky consumer when you know the least and have the least value.

See in real estate you’re working against the clock because you’re commission based, so your plan needs to account for the fact that you don’t have unlimited time before you need to get a job.

Agents need to focus on capturing low hanging opportunities first to generate experience, get over the learning curve and generate income.
Remember most buyers will hire you if they like you regardless of your experience. Sellers are a bit more tricky.Focus on high probability opportunities and activities so that you don’t become a statistic.


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