Real Estate Investing Using The MLS | Rants and Gems #74

Real Estate Investing Using The MLS | Rants and Gems #74

This episode of Rants & Gems Matt brings back Welby to drop more gems on the state of the market. They share different opinions but one major key they agree on is that real estate is always a good investment. Make sure you tune in to learn about to look for and vet your deals like a pro.

As the market changes, aspiring first-time buyers may need to change their approach. Zillow has gathered tools that can help shoppers make the leap to homeownership on one easy-to-navigate web page. To learn more, visit

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  1. Thanks for this update. A lot of people are financially struggling to live, keep a roof over there head and put food on their table. "Anyone who is not investing is missing a tremendous opportunity." Imagine investing $1,00 and receiving $7,300 in 4days! Thanks Della Conor.🇱🇷

  2. 🇭🇹Shout to my Haitians!! 🇭🇹
    This king is really out here dropping gems💎
    I’m replaying this video a few times to get it!!
    That’s how I learn but this one I’m saving for sure.
    Thanks EYL

  3. As a Realtor I tell me customers don’t let the news scare you and no rates are not going back down so stop waiting on that. Get a fixed rate and don’t get more house then you can afford that’s it that’s all…. Also those that flip properties get the work done properly. I’m seeing too many that are done horribly. It doesn’t benefit you because it’s NOT going to sell

  4. Boy he dropped so much game with the social worker plays… That’s crazy, he balling from doing the rite thing… I can only imagine the type of money being generated just off the rebuilt burnt property…

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