Real Estate Investor gets sued for buying house SUBJECT TO

Real Estate Investor gets sued for buying house SUBJECT TO
Buying Real Estate

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We never know how life will unfold, or what’s going to happen when we’re out in the field putting deals together. Join us today at 5pm EST to hear this true story of a Pennsylvania based investor Quincy as he puts creative deals together to build his real estate empire. He bought the house subject to and later the seller came back to try to get the house back. Join us today at 5pm EST on my youtube channel. see you soon…


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  1. Bet if he was not Black… they would've had people out.

    If they didn't leave, he should've put a lien for what he is owed and stop paying. She would've been up the creek and he would've gotten his $$ back at foreclosure. Things to consider…

  2. Kris, you’ve done subject to deals in NC I believe…if so, did you have to use the state issued P&S agreement and attach a “subject to” addendum to it or just use your usual subject to documents?

  3. So what I am understanding in the video, it seems that the buyer assumed the mortgage of the seller. What is not clear was the amount of equity inside the home against the outstanding mortgage. The buyer did provide an additional $4,000.00 to the seller for the self eviction. Would this be construed as the consideration for any equity in the home?

  4. I'm confused. When you do a deal like this who is paying the mortgage in the end ? In the beginning of the video sound like the original owner is still responsible at the end of the video sound like Quincy is paying for the mortgage.

  5. I would have had to break into my ex wife’s house to get her credit card to pay the court and attorney fees to get her out to then collect rent behind bars. Great video though but i will definitely save up some money before i start this. Thanks Kris. Wish i had more then $50 to get the docs.

  6. This young brother is on point and on top of this. Love to see our young Sons and Daughters handling business like Bosses! Much love Quincy. Always much love to you Kris for sharing. You have no idea how many people you help who remain silent for the most part. Included me mu young Brother. "Thanks" is not a strong enough word!

  7. You should have made that agreement with her and the bank from the begainning because she still had the authority to do so young man you had no authority yo interact with the bank she had your ass right there a poa can only be use for what see agreed on.

  8. Hey Kris – did the baby come? Wishing you all well/congratulations if so. —-
    BTW – could not download the audio freebie from the last subject-to vid. Tried several times. Possible to get it another way? Big thanks.

  9. Tsk brother we love you too, but kris you never answer me I wrote you 3 times already I’m really need a coach cause I’m suppose to start subject to deal in Connecticut I really need help

  10. Even if she hadn’t been compensated it still would’ve been good cause they made a mutual agreement and had it on contract. Law is contract and contract is law. His exchange would’ve been the service of taking on her financial burden.

  11. Great great video Kris you look like you were sweating this 1 out as the video went on…lol! Quincy I'm happy for you . You seem like an gentleman. God is on the side of who does things right.

  12. Thanks for your videos Kris……Lookin like u bot to cook some chickin…lol…..You are Right!!…There is no Fear here!!!…God is too Good!!…and this too shall pass!!!…in Jesus Name!!…thanks for all the wonderful info…….btw..Ur little girl is too cute!!….

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