Real Estate Investors & Realtors | You'll Thank Me Later!!

Real Estate Investors & Realtors | You'll Thank Me Later!!

Do you want to be a BETTER realtor?!
Do you want to grow your business exponentially by just working with investors?!

A lot of realtors believe that it’s terrible to work with investors or wholesalers. What they don’t know is that they can exponentially grow their business working with them. This episode will clear the stigma around whether or not to work with investors or wholesalers.

Hello people, and welcome to the Hot Take with Jesse Burrell, where we talk about everything from wholesaling to fix and flipping and rentals. Every episode, we bring one superstar real estate professional who shares some golden nuggets with us about the real estate industry. Today we have someone who isn’t only the wife of Pace Morby but has almost tried every real estate business. We have none other than Laura Morby.

Laura is a realtor with experience of over a decade. She is the wife of Pace Morby and has enjoyed a wonderful career working for many investors. She started her real estate journey by evicting homes for one of the largest home flippers.

First, Laura talks about why it is a good idea for realtors to work with creative investors. She also talks about how to get the best buyers. Moving forward, she shares what someone should do if they are just starting to work with investors.

Watch this episode and check out everything about working with investors and how to grow your business through it.

Connect with Laura.

Connect with Jesse below!

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