Real Estate Market 2021 Outlook | PULL THE TRIGGER PODCAST Ep. 11

Real Estate Market 2021 Outlook | PULL THE TRIGGER PODCAST Ep. 11
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In the 11th episode of the Pull the Trigger Podcast, Dan Crosby and Scott Innocente talk about the impact the virus has had on the real estate market in Canada. Dan and Scott have both continued buying real estate over the past year, and share their insight on the current state of the market. They talk about how different markets in Canada have been impacted differently, and how those markets may change for buyers in the future. They also discuss future implications, and the influence they will have on their investment strategies.
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Here’s a little about Scott:
Hi I’m Scott Innocente, a real estate investor and investor-focused real estate agent in Windsor Ontario. A little about myself, I worked at a government job for 11 years, needless to say, I was unfulfilled. I was caught with the terrifying prospect of working at this job for 35 years and retiring having never gained financial freedom. I thought about ways to get out, another job, maybe? But every time I thought of another job, the same problem reared it’s ugly head: 35 years of working for somebody else all for a relatively mediocre paycheck. I realized that I didn’t want another job, I wanted something for myself, something challenging, exciting, and something potentially lucrative.
I stumbled upon Rich Dad Poor Dad and that was the beginning of a shift in my mindset. I finally realized that there was another way. I didn’t HAVE to work for 35 years. I didn’t HAVE to stick it out a job that was unfulfilling to me. I didn’t HAVE to stay in the middle class forever. I CAN get out of the rat race if I just do a few specific things, buying real estate being one of them. Once my mindset shifted, it was over, I could never look back.
I started buying real estate in 2016. I set a goal for myself of $4000/month of passive income and I’m 75% of the way there. I got my real estate license in 2017, I quit my job that same year and started helping others see the light and achieve their dreams of financial freedom. Dan and I have since started collaborating to help others “pull the trigger” on life, to stop thinking and start doing.
It’s all about mindset, if you can just get the click to happen, it’s over. One the click happens then it’s a matter of PULLING THE TRIGGER. Once you start pulling the trigger, then financial freedom becomes simply becomes a matter of time. I’m here to help you get that click, and once you get the click, I’m here to help you accelerate your mindset shift to higher and higher levels, because mindset and action is what it’s all about.

Here’s a little about Dan:
Dan Crosby (@LAMBOLAPDOG) is an expert real estate investor in Canada & The United States with a massive portfolio of $50 million, CEO & founder of Canadian Protein, CEO & founder of SYNERGY Private Label an internationally renowned supplement manufacturer, CEO & founder of LUXXISVIP a luxury executive transportation service, CEO & founder of PureFusion Cannabis, a cannabis extraction, and packing facility and CEO & founder of Clearmont Capital, a financial investment company. His 5 privately held companies have a total value exceeding $200 million. Dan’s ‘Don’t give a f**k” attitude & aggressive approach to real estate investing, e-commerce & love for supercars has amassed a large following on social media platforms making him a valuable resource of information and advice for those seeking success in the same industries Dan has crushed. He currently resides in Windsor, Ontario.

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