Real Estate Roddy on flipping houses, almost robbed for chain in LA, becoming a young mogul

Real Estate Roddy on flipping houses, almost robbed for chain in LA, becoming a young mogul

Real Estate Roddy “Off The Porch” Interview

We recently sat down with Real Estate Roddy for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he discussed growing up in Augusta, Georgia, losing his cousin recently, life in the projects growing up, investing into himself and buying property as an landlord, ways to go around spending a lot of money when investing into property, buying property with good credit, looking into buying property in South Carolina, buying his first property at 24, life as an entrepreneur, being inspired by Nipsey Hussle when it came to music and entrepreneurship, almost getting robbed for his jewelry while visiting the Marathon Store, advice on how to flip houses, encounters with flipping houses, pros and cons that comes with flipping houses, how his houses have doubled since he’s got into real estate, studying Jeezy, Dolph, Nipsey when it comes to investing into property, investing into land and more! 

Real Estate Roddy

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Interview by Manny Akiio

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