Real Estate Wholesale – Mentee Strategy Session Experience

Real Estate Wholesale - Mentee Strategy Session Experience
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Struggling to get your REI Biz off the ground?
Haven’t gotten your 1st or 2nd deal yet?
Ask how I can receive 1 on 1 mentorship w/The Real Estate Duru Sam
Learn how to get a deal in the next 30 – 60 days


Request a 60min Strategy Session w/Sammy-doo where you can discuss specific challenges your dealing with trying to grow your business. Receive some specific action steps customized to your current status to go to the next level.

If you have a lead, but not sure what you can do with it, let Sammy-doo consult you on your possible options so you don’t lose the deal.

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Receive specific Golden Nuggets that you won’t get unless you’re told about it

An active Real Estate Investor providing real time, street value, knowledge and experiences. Providing pertinent knowledge that the Guru’s and their seminars are not telling you. Without a Mentor, you will not learn the “secret sauce” or have the “golden nuggets” to get your real estate business off the ground. Every successful Investor has a Mentor. Most unsuccessful Investors don’t have a Mentor. If you are without a Coach and Mentor, email your contact information, including the city and state with a brief description of what you’re struggling with and how I can help you. I will personally respond. My Mentee spots are limited but are always revolving as folks become successful or quit because they are not cut out for the work. I also offer “boots on the ground” services if you’re really that serious.

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