[REALTORS] Why Won't Your Buyers Listen to You?! | Real Estate Agent Sales Tips and Advice 2021

[REALTORS] Why Won't Your Buyers Listen to You?! | Real Estate Agent Sales Tips and Advice 2021
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Real Estate Agents, Why won’t any buyers listen to you?! If your buyers don’t listen to you, you need to watch this sales tips video.

Are you actually listening to what your buyers want? Is the house your showing what they asked for in the price range they talked about? What separates a good agent from a bad agent is the ability to listen. You want buyers to buy from you but you’re not taking the right steps to find them what they want. You are the reason why buyers won’t listen to you! Watch this video to find out solutions and strategies on how to work with buyers and become better real estate agents.

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My name is Danny Gould, I’m a 30-year-old Millennial Real Estate agent selling Million Dollar homes in Silicon Valley. Join me as I document my business, my life, and my overall journey in pursuit of my ultimate goal: building the #1 Real Estate Sales Team in America!


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