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Are we in a housing bubble? Will real-estate crash? Is there a housing crisis? How do credit reports work? What are the new Tax laws? Listen to the data and please share your own stores and opinions. It is more important now more than ever with so many changes and challenges. We plan on bringing more and more videos on real estate and how to educate and empower yourself. Please like and subscribe but most importantly empower yourself with education!

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  1. You know good and well that homes will not be bought for "pennies" on the dollar. Sure…they are going to drop in value…probably by a considerable amount. But.."PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR" is a gross exaggeration.

  2. Fed reserve lost credibility with the “transitory” talk. They missed inflation. No one has confidence that they can get this under control. They aren’t even at %1.25 feds fund rate yet !! Inflation is in the 8s. This is so dumb that it’s comical.

  3. One thing you have to realize is home reductions are a Joke!!! Especially in Florida where a home is Reduced by $15K and it’s overpriced by $300K!! Got to love that!! GMAFB!!!!! Joke!!
    These home out their are POS homes and are overpriced by 40/50 percent!! That’s Sick not Bonkers….

  4. I bought my first house last year, all cash deal, $1.2M big chunk of money I made last year from stock investment. I don’t give a sht about interests rate, since I am paying nothing lol but ongoing stock market sell off, i was like if I had a morgage loan on my house and kept invested rest of money, I would be so crying right now lol

  5. I have been in the mountains for a week without cell service. My local gas hit $5.17 food went up again and interest rates over 6% while I was gone. The speed this is moving at is impressive.

  6. I feel like there are three major factors in today’s market:

    Higher interest rates, more inventory, and reduced wealth in retirement accounts.

    I feel like these three things will create a major correction the housing market.

    However, the elephant in the room are institutional investors. Will they gobble up all the properties if prices come down? Or will they unload their properties if the housing supply gets too high?

  7. Just a guess here as I'm far from an expert on these matters but I kinda expect a serious recession far worse than the on in the mid 2000’s. However I also expect it to be quite dyslexic in that the stock market will continue living in denial for a long time and those stock market whores yo see on TV peddling their bullshit will continue pimping themselves out hoping for a little bit more. I suppose what I'm thinking is that it will happen in stages with each sector and not all at once. I hope housing crashes hard.

  8. I’m seeing $20k price reductions on homes that are $350k overpriced how long will it take for these house prices to normalize? Especially if things flip again 🤔

  9. I saw this article on Bloomberg News: "Landlords Ready War Chests to Buy in Cooling US Housing Market." I got depressed at first and angry that we have no regulations against this, but then I remembered… the economy will crash and burn, the housing market will go back down to what it was like when Covid first started and these companies will go under because tenants won't be able to keep up with high rents as many people will be losing their jobs and asked to come work onsite. It burns, but crashes re-set everything. With gas prices and inventory shortages alone, I think we are in for a reset. As in the big rich fatasses who tried to reset us are going to get burned themselves. I hope…

  10. Love the content. I’m a broker and asset manager in the NYC area, we need to stop sugar coating it for people. THE REAL ESTATE MARKET WILL CRASH BY AT LEAST 20-30% in most markets.

  11. Brandon just told Jimmy Kimmel we are in the best shape for our economy, jokes aside, I think Texas and Florida will be the last to see the decline in homes, a few homes in my neighbor hood here in Austin are still for sale since April, the same 5 homes, they haven’t budge on the price. However as the economy gets worse, I expect to see some discount on these, also Tesla Giga here in Austin just announced some layoffs, wonder how many other tech companies in the area will follow. We had several new transplants that came here and we’re buying homes 100k over asking, curious to see how all this will play out for these fomo home buyers.

  12. How are we not in a recession? With job loss how to you pay rent or buy a house? The government helped all the people that we going to loose their house and cars get out with something. They also let a lot of others get over their head. Only the wise that has cash will be playing in the next round. Just my thoughts.

  13. Interest rates don’t lead the way, gas leads the way. If you can’t afford to pay to go to work to afford the cheap house you want to buy then how are you going to do it ?

  14. I've been waiting for houses to go for pennies on the dollar. Now if I can only get people to accept my offers. We will always need affordable housing in any market, especially now that inflation is here to stay. People looking to buy are now being forced to rent at a much higher rate and save less. I can see Biden eliminating tax loop holes like MTG interest to bring US in line with the rest of the world and taxing entities.

  15. Not astonishing — this is what happens when government gives free money away — and people get lazy and don't want to work–lol.

    Those people better figure it out quick the money tree has ended

  16. People are starting to norice….but they don't fully understand how bad it's getting, yet. They will try to spin/cover this up since it's an election year, but the can't hid fuel and food costs.

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