REIT Investing: Commercial Real Estate After Corona

REIT Investing: Commercial Real Estate After Corona
Commercial Real Estate

What will commercial real estate investing, especially retail and mall REITs, look like in the post-COVID-19 world?

The REIT sector is one of the less obvious and perhaps more concerning centers of bear market dislocation.

What’s going on, and what should REIT investors pay attention to in the months ahead? We interview Julian Lin, who runs the Seeking Alpha Marketplace service “Best of Breed”, about commercial real estate, retail and mall REITs, and the state of stock market over the next few months.

The lockdown and confinement the world is going through has an evident effect on the user of real estate, and leverage may be, well, leveraging the issue.

Under Corona, we get the perception that e-commerce is the only game in town.

Will we see a permanent change in consumer behavior even after the Coronavirus crisis?

Does this mean bad times ahead for commercial real estate?

What does the future hold for commercial REITs?

We talk worst case scenarios and discuss Cheesecake Factory, Simon Property Group, mall REITs, and more.

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