Renovate Or Buy Turn-key | Real Estate Investing

Renovate Or Buy Turn-key | Real Estate Investing
Buying Real Estate

This video explains whether you should renovate a property or just buy turkey.

Chandler David Smith has been investing in real estate for the last seven years. He currently owns 99 units of rental real estate. In this video, he explains whether you should invest in turnkey properties or put in the time and money to do renovations. He talks about the different ways to add value to investment properties and explains how you can find a property that meets your criteria.

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  1. I found a 11 unit apartment complex built in 1950. 4 of the door are closed because of deferred maintenance. The present CAP rate is 9.3 % Those closed doors need alot of work but it still looks like a good deal. This wood be my first apartment purchase. Just referb one door at a time. Comments?

  2. I'm getting ready to close on a Chandler-esque off market property with rents well under market value, and I'm getting the property for quite a bit less than it could likely sell for! So pumped for my first deal

  3. Hey Chandler fist of all love the channel man alot of incredible information supper useful. Sorry to ask, but if is not too much to ask I have a question about the app cds rental calculator I would really like for you to explain. Im approved for first time buyer so Im going to be putting 3.5% for down payment. Just wondering if I put 3.5% in the down payment box does it calculate the morgage insurange automatically or that is something I need to add in the additional expenses. Btw the app is awesome just want to be sure about what I asked.

  4. I bought the course and I watched the videos. It was a really good overview that provided insight and general direction. I feel like he used his salesman enthusiasm to make it seem like he was providing more value. Its not a bad course I'd say it wasn't quite a step by step this is how you do it and what to expect. He brings up points and maybe some examples, but the examples weren't fleshed out. You think he was going to go in depth on the topics he was bringing up and maybe you expect more videos and he might add more videos in the future who knows.
    Who do I think this course is for?
    I guess a newbie who wants to watch his videos and flesh out a general outline on what you need to know about preparing and getting ready to buy a rental property, but you'll definitely have questions in every section. That you'll have to supplement by maybe jotting down notes and fleshing out the rest of the info you need yourself.
    The renovation part of the course and the value add part of the course were what I wanted most and I felt like I didn't really get anything from them, not even examples.
    I feel like I'm bashing the course , but its actually quite good. Is it worth your 99$ ? Unsure youll have to decide for yourself.
    He may have glossed over information to wait for feedback and slowly flesh out the course.
    I think the course gives you direction, tips and insight. I don't think it prepares you to create a massive cash flowing rental empire.
    Great for newbies, I just thought it might be good for people who just took their first step into REI as well.
    This is all my opinion, check it out for yourself.
    There's a 30 day money back guarantee, I think ill keep it out of my respect for his free content.

  5. Chandler great video. Would you purchase a home in the hood? I have an opportunity i can get it but afraid the neighborhood might be dangerous. The property is nice, the street its located is nice. The street behind it is awful

  6. This video couldn't have had better timing. About to invest out of state. Wife says turnkey, I think we can get away with some reno. This helps us make a more educated decision. Thanks!

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  8. Bought a property for $180K and spent $150K on renovations on a two family house with a property tax of $6K annually. House is paid off and renting out 2nd floor for $1500/month and parents living downstairs for free but expect to rent downstairs also for $1500 in about 5 to 7 years. If i can sell the house for $475K, would it be better to sell or keep as a rental?

  9. Chandler, could you do a show and dive significantly more into VA loans? IE, I own my townhouse, can I refi using my VA loan and pull equity out in order to turn around and purchase a home via an FHA loan of 3.5% down? Love the content, keep it coming please!!

  10. How do you get your money back with a turn key ? I thought one of the big advantages to a Reno is being able to refi after it’s done and get your money back for the next deal vs tern key will take years. Any thoughts on this ?

  11. Hello, if the rent was undervalued would you have to wait until the current lease is up before you can raise the rent on the tenant as it was an agreement from the previous landlord?

  12. This info seems entirely contradictory to David Greens advice from bigger pockets. If i buy turnkey with 20% down, im looking at 1 deal every two years. Cause it takes me awhile to save for a down payment. But If i buy a fixer upper and rehab it with total cost around 70 to 75% of ARV then i can pull most if not all my money back out to find a 2nd deal. I cant afford to wait years upon years. I would rather learn Brrrr

  13. I recently purchased a duplex with the bank covering 100% of the purchase price and closing costs. (My dad has built a great relationship with them over the years through his construction business) Obviously, this means my cash-on-cash return is infinity. I recently spoke with our loan officer and they said they are willing to do this again. Do you think I should keep taking advantage of this or do you think it is risky to purchase property at 100% LTV? Anyone is welcome to hop in on this.

  14. This was the video i been waiting on. You jsut don't know, because all we see from Graham. Meet Kevin, etc is finding a wedge deal where you can renovate. But man i am not a handy man whatsoever. And when it comes to turnkey it sounds like they kind of poo poo it

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