RENTING VS BUYING PROPERTY 🏡🤔 Exploring The Debate | Real Estate, Home, Property, Living

RENTING VS BUYING PROPERTY 🏡🤔 Exploring The Debate | Real Estate, Home, Property, Living
Buying Real Estate

Renting or buying a property is widely debated as to which is better. This video explores whether buying a place to live or renting is more advantageous.


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DISCLAIMER: The opinions and views shared on this channel are for entertainment and educational purposes only and are not to be taken as financial advice. Always conduct your own research prior to making any financial decision. Millennials With Money cannot be held responsible for any financial loss incurred from any decisions you make following this video.


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  1. Warning – long comment. Great video Johhny. It's a difficult subject because property is now a huge investment. The problem today is that new home buyers are making decisions based upon the last 25 years. An era of ever declining interest rates and government support packages. They see it as a sure bet. There is no guarantee this will continue for the next 25 years. Paying off a mortgage is of course good but if interest rates rise to 10% or more then paying it off may become impossible and the mortgage simply grows out of control. It becomes rent to the bank without the flexibility of renting. Even worse if the value of the property declines. In 1990, property values in Tokyo crashed by over 50% in a year. Even in the UK property values crashed by 35% in 1989 and took 10 years to recover. Buy a house in Germany in 1935 and by 1945 it is a pile of rubble from war with no insurance to cover the rebuild. The other issue with owning property is that the money spend doesn't end with the purchase. Properties eat money for maintenance and refurbishment. Something you don't notice as a tenant because the landlord takes on those costs. Those properties that have rapidly increased in price have had £50,000 spent on new kitchens, bathrooms and a conservatory. It's not the same house between purchase and sale. If I was considering buying a property today for the first time I would try and be patient. One hedge against rising property prices, without owning property, is to invest in companies that profit from them. Such as house builders, home content retailers, banks etc. If a crash comes, selling out of those stocks is a click of a button whereas selling a property can be a painfully long process when it's a buyer's market. The only reason I own my property is because I got lucky with timing. But would I want to make such a big investment today based on luck??

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