Save time & money when buying Florida real estate with Geoffrey Fahey

Save time & money when buying Florida real estate with Geoffrey Fahey
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Did you know there are over 250,000 real estate agents in Florida, and only 200,000 homes sold according to zillow over the last year? The average real estate agent in Florida sells less than one home per year and is part time.

Why is that important when buying or selling real estate in Florida?

You want to work with someone full-time that has a track record of sold results, in this current market, over the last few years.

This will ensure they understand how to help you save time and navigate through the complexities of todays real estate market, the latest trends, and what to avoid, which is far different than several years ago before the internet and social media.

It will also help you save money, as they are familiar with handling millions of dollars in transactions on a regular basis, in order to advise you and your family to match your needs and investment goals in today’s market.

Would you rather work today with Netflix or Blockbuster?

Would you rather have Michael Jordan on your team today or 30 years ago?

Here’s a tip…google/zillow the agent by name…not the brand…and see if they come up on the first page of google. It is the agent, not the brand, helping you selling your home. People buy from people, not a brand. If you can find the agent, not the brand, with sales results on the first page of google or zillow or, this should give you some comfort they are relevant in today’s digital marketing and business environment, since nearly all homes today sell from searching online.

A portion of Geoff’s income from your referrals goes to local charities.

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