Self employed work from home painting flips for anyone

Self employed work from home painting flips for anyone

Last year was an eye opener for many people who were forced out of the workplace due to shutdowns. I saw this growing up with a Union dad who could not work during strikes and a mom who did every side hustle she could to make ends meets. We cleaned houses, did hair in funeral homes, nursing homes, estate cleanouts, yard sales, lawn mowing for neighbors, collecting pop bottles, even selling used cars. Life is a bit differernt for me as an adult but you don’t forget your roots and the macaroni and butter dinners when the pantry was empty. Anone can work from home and be their own boss with thrift flipping and restoring furniture of all kinds. A mom can do this even with kids and teach them as I have my own, things they can do also. Husband and wife teams have been doing it for years in antique stores everywhere. My kids are restoring bikes and lawn mowers and thrifting/fixing right beside me. Im putting this video in the family fun and homeschool playlist because we have a great time thrift shopping and it is a great real life lesson in economics and math.

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