Should I flip it or rent it out? | Episode 299

Should I flip it or rent it out? | Episode 299

In Today’s episode, this episode matters to you and your current statement of your business. In this episode, you will understand what was the meaning of 2 kinds of business the Flipping your business or wholesaling business. Check it out guys, you have so many things to learn!

Things that will cover this episode:
– Explanation about the (2) kind of business and its meaning
– How to use properly the (2) kind of business
– The pros and cons about the (2) business
– Explains which is the better business for the first-timers
– Lastly, what will you be able to learn about this episode

Part 1
David Dodge explains the flipping business, the meaning itself, the pros and cons, the overview of the flipping business, and tips about filliping business.

Part 2
In this part, David Dodge explains the other kind of business which is the Rented out business, the meaning itself, what will be the pros and cons, and how the business works. Also the overview about the business.

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