Silver & Gold… FOMO Buying & Panic Selling

Silver & Gold… FOMO Buying & Panic Selling
Buying Real Estate

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Video Upload 2069 (Season 6, Episode 238): Don’t You Dare Stop Smiling! Now I may not be a financial advisor so nothing said on this channel should be taken as financial advice… but I love discussing all areas of personal finance. Today I talk about… what are your thoughts? Just something fun to think about. Some facts & some opinions, but I’m also curious… What do YOU think of this subject? Let’s talk about it.

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  1. I make emotional decisions to buy silver and then make an emotional attachment to my coins and rounds. I am not planning on selling for a long time. It will be a bitter sweet day when I sell. I may cry all the way to the bank

  2. Everything you learned along the way shouldn't disappoint you or make you feel excited that you made the best bet you possibly could have, all it should do is teach you so you can continue to move forward and to make good choices because in life, especially in this country, we have the right to choose but the best part is, we have the right to choose what is right and what is best and we all should be learning how to do such instead of trying to profit off of another man's misery

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