"Slow Flip" Home Purchase Strategy EXPLAINED

"Slow Flip" Home Purchase Strategy EXPLAINED

What is a Slow Flip? I thought flips were only supposed to be fast! In this video I breakdown not only what a Slow Flip is and how it works but also the advantages to adding this purchase strategy to your investment plan. Having a great agent to help explain and guide you through this situation is paramount. If you are looking for an agent who can help, wherever you are, please reach out in the comments or call me direct at the number below!

I am your host #PistolPeteRealEstate​​​​​ and I’ll be providing regular additions to my TIP videos playlist so you are informed on how real estate works in Santa Cruz County and the surrounding regions. Other playlists on my channel revolve around community interviews and home tours showcasing the vivid diversity of housing in our region from cabins in the redwoods to beach houses with a view. Our county has alot of interesting nooks and corners to explore and ill be showcasing the lifestyle and community you can find here.

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Final Thoughts: There are many ways to buy real estate and using a slow flip is just one method you can use toward making real estate a true investment. With large purchases it is paramount to turn a monthly mortgage liability into an asset whenever possible. The difference is buying with intention and having a plan versus buying for lifestyle. There is no wrong choice but if you have the energy and want to make real estate an investment for yourself and your family then please checkout this video on slow flipping to see if its a good strategy for you!

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