START HERE To Become A Real Estate Investor | Beginners Guide

START HERE To Become A Real Estate Investor | Beginners Guide

Here are my TOP 4 ways to INVEST into Real Estate in 2020 if you are brand new to Real Estate Investing. I break down HOW to get Into Real Estate Investing STEP BY STEP. Enjoy!

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There are so many ways to get started in investing in real estate in 2020, let’s go ahead and break down the different ways you can go ahead and get started.

Getting started in Real Estate Investing in 2020 is a great idea so you can start to diversify as a well rounded investor. The average Real Estate investor salary is $123,937 Per year. So this can truly be a very lucrative strategy to add to your portfolio. Maybe right now you invest in the stock market, in ETF’s, Maybe you have a Roth IRA, or some good index funds etc. Real Estate is definitely one you should in my opinion add to your investing portfolio.

Best way number 1 to invest into real estate is a REIT which stands for a Real Estate Investment Trust, This is great if you make some decent money but you want to invest into Real Estate with more of a hands off approach as you are not actually purchasing Real Estate that you have to end up managing as a landlord or a flipper etc. This can also serve as a great retirement fund as they typically have a higher paying dividend than other investment accounts.

My second most favorite way to become a real estate investor is investing into Multi Family properties. One of my favorite ways to invest into Multi Family is to get a duplex, triplex or a quadplex and to obtain FHA financing by living in one of the units and renting the others out. Basically “House Hacking” in a nutshell and live for free as you learn about the real estate industry. This can be great as you need a place to live regardless so why not kill two birds with one stone.

My third favorite way is to flip a house, this is riskier when it comes to investing into real estate. However there is plenty of money to be made by doing this. You can use your own money or use Private or Hard money and purchase a house below market value. Then you can do the repairs necessary to get it to current market conditions and then resell it at a profit. You just want to make sure you do your due diligence and really take into account all of the costs associated with flipping a house. The main thing is really purchasing the deal at a good price, they always say “you make money in the buy” I personally use to find the majority of my properties.

My fourth favorite way is crowdfunding real estate, in 2018 the global crowdfunding market was valued at about 10.2 billion dollars and they are expecting that to triple by 2025. This is another great way where you are more hand off, you are buying into a piece of the property. There are several different platforms that are pretty good in my opinion such as Fundrise etc. The major downside is the illiquidity. It can be difficult to pull your money out early and you will get penalized, however if you are looking to invest in real estate over the long haul this can be a very good method to just put some money aside and forget about it for a while.

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