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Stocks to buy now! That is the discussion between Jeremy Lefebvre, Andrei Jikh, Graham Stephan, and Meet Kevin. They talk about the stocks that they are buying now that fall under the category of Meme Stocks! Andrei Jikh asks the guys if they are buying any meme stock that isn’t named AMC. So Meet Kevin gives them a couple stocks that he is buying and Graham Stephan also shares which stocks he has bought.

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Millennial Money consist of Andrei Jikh, Graham Stephan, Meet Kevin, and Financial Education Jeremy. They go LIVE every Tuesday at 6 pm PST! It’s a fun new channel with 4 of the greatest minds in the finance world! With a perfect balance of Crypto, Stock Market, and Real Estate topics you will get a value packed episodes each and every week! ON TOP OF THAT! You will be able to comment your questions and at the end of each video they will pick random questions to answer!


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  3. so they mostly talked about the meme stocks haha. Jeremy if you see this, need some advice on starting an accounting with middle five figures! Maybe would be a cool vid for what u would do on ur third channel:)

  4. I Follow all you guys, love your info. Governor Kevin🍀 you need to push young guys into the trades I am 43 and I am still one of the young guys it’s not fun anymore!

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  8. Everyone's stuck on this entire memes stock Bs. Literally can make these gains swing trading with options it's wild. But this is just a thing for now and while it's a fad for now it's a good time to invest in other stocks nothing but growth stocks in my portfolio

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