SUPER Successful House Flip! $490K to $780K | Flip or Flop | HGTV

SUPER Successful House Flip! $490K to $780K | Flip or Flop | HGTV

Successful house flip to midcentury modern remodels to this small house with 4 bedrooms. Tarek and Christina fix this horrific home by adding a lot of light and maximizing the small space.
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  1. I don't know why he even bothers taking her along on these initial inspections. Bring her in after demo is done. Save a whole lot of screeching and screaming and whining.

  2. Tarek and Christina work and know each other so well, it's sad they split up. I've always enjoyed watching ghem and they seemed so happy. Makes you wonder if the birth of their second child was the beginning of the end. They did well with Taylor and she certainly seems to know the realesrate and design business for such a young child. They used to pack her up and off to work she would go with her parents. She even steps in with her dad if for some reason Christina can't be there. Just sad is all… nice if they got back together, but they have both moved on with their lives. At least they are still wirking together….that's way more than i can say for most divorced couples. 🙌👍

  3. So tired of hearing her say, "It's so creepy," "It looks like a murder room," "No, I'm not going in there," etc.
    Every single house, it's like she's never been in a dirty house before…can't she remember the previous hundred that she said the same things about?
    It's an old, tired act.

  4. Christina looks a lot like my niece which is very pretty, but as soon as she Opens her Mouth, can't stand the Voice of hers. Thank GOD my niece does NOT have that Voice.

  5. I am surprised an old home owner hasn't stopped by an Open House to see the upgrades in their old home. Those cabinets were an epic fail. I am surprised that happened.

  6. So I am living in Eastern Europe…. this "house" which you call cute, is so ugly, no one would call it a house here…maybe a storage space. It is utterly horrible to look at. Who designs these kind of "houses"? Children? And you are selling it for 700 thousand dollars. Do you know how much money that is? You would need to pay, for 50 years around 1400 dollars a month, without any interest. This is insane….what the fell is wrong with you people. Have you completely lost your minds? You are getting a shit, packaging it in a aluminum foil and sell it as Silver.

  7. Christina will never changed, she feel like that she very important, always complain . She cheated on Tarek married for second time and Left him too. Tarek got better woman now,

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