CRE Fast Five: Hot Topics in Commercial Real Estate Episode #80: Due Diligence Considerations Due diligence is an important part of any real estate acquisition. Today we are discussing key categories including: -Lease Review -Common Area Maintenance -Title -Zoning -Physical Due Diligence Watch. Learn. Excel. Karly Iacono | Senior Vice President CBRE Capital Markets |
In this video, we discuss a few ways you can make your real estate business more efficientt. Enjoy and drop a like! #RealEstate #Business Connect with me! ⚡️ Learn how to scale your REI Systems & Operations: 🗝 Take your Acquisitions to the next level: Social Media: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok:
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We can unanimously agree it’s been quite a year! While I naturally enjoy challenge, this year accelerated growth, adaptation, and improvising as a business owner and investor like none other. In this week’s “High Achievers Series” I am sharing three of the most impactful lessons that I gained from navigating my business, Blue Lake Capital,