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#CanadaRealEstate #TorontoRealEstate #CanadianRealEstate Toronto Real Estate Developer Core Development announced a $1 Billion investment in Canada’s real estate market in 2021. One year later, the Toronto Star checked in on their progress. Critics argued the move would shut out First Time Home Buyers and cause rents to skyrockets. The Star found that Core has bought
Canada Real Estate 5 Reasons To Buy in Kelowna BC NOW! Link to Mortgage Pre-Approval in Kelowna BC: https://pragmatic-lending.mtg-app.com/signup?refId=f369fa21-11f0-43a7-ba04-c9a8002be4c1 Kelowna BC is known all over Canada for its wine, beaches, and lifestyle. Whether you are a foodie or an outdoor enthusiast Kelowna has something for everyone. If you would like to book a showing please