Fake Guru Friday | CoffeeZilla Top 10 Fake Gurus Jordan Belfort How To Spot Fake Gurus Review Don’t waste time watching others get rich start building your real estate empire today by getting more information from Tom Videos Sourced: Jordan Belfort How To Spot a Fake Guru CoffeeZilla Top 10 Fake Guru RED FLAGS… Visit my Mentorship page Coffeezilla Exposer of Real Estate Fake Guru’s | Lets Watch Him FlipAnythingUSA Tom. Today we are talking about Coffeezillas take on Tom Vu an old real estate course pitchman. We talk Real Estate and Gurus and real estate investment. Today I additionally bring up Carleton Sheets and Dave Del Dotto
here we go again. today we’re talking about the FTC shutting down Zurixx LLC, a Utah based company that ran seminars based on celebrity-endorsements, including Robert Herjavec and “Flip or Flop” Stars Tarek & Christina El Moussa. It gets really nasty. source