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Get my Signature Edition of FreedomSoft here: https://freedomsoft2.isrefer.com/go/coach/a414836 To learn more about FreedomSoft before you get started check out this video: https://freedomsoft2.isrefer.com/go/getleadsfast/a414836 What if I told you there was one system that had the list pulling capabilities of a PropStream, the deal analyzing capabilities of a Flipster and the automation abilities of a REI Reply?
In this video I reach to Jerry Norton’s video: Real Estate Wholesalers – STOP Doing Assignments! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO649BYWaNk Jerry mentioned a number of reasons real estate wholesalers should stop doing assignment deals. Tell me what you think about in the comments below! Things to do to avoid the inevitable: 1. Do double closings 2. “Wholetail” the
In this video I talk about Jerry Norton’s Flipster software and whether the data is actually worth it or not. Get Flipster here: https://bit.ly/getflipster I think the skip traced data is LEGIT! Let me know what you down in the comments below Schedule a one on one strategy session with The Wholesale Coach here: https://calendly.com/wholesalerealestate/strategysession
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In this video I chat with my guy Kevin Sims from Chicago. Been looking forward to having him come onto the podcast and chat about the deals he’s been doing out there. I hope this one provides some inspiration and motivation! Connect with Kevin here: Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/goldenequityllc/ Email – kevin.sims@goldenequityllc.com CHECK OUT THESE LINKS
We had a few audio issues in this one! I hope you all can still take advantage of the massive value that was dropped in this one. Let me know if you think we should record another one or go live! Get in contact with Shaun Young here: Email: shaun@adventuresinwholesaling.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/adventuresinwholesaling Website: https://www.shaunyoungcoaches.com YouTube: