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In this land investing deal review, I accidentally bought the wrong lot in a drug neighborhood…. yes… really! Here is what ended up happening and it’s definitely something to be careful of in the land flipping business. ►►How to Flip Land (Free Webinar): https://www.landprofitgenerator.com/landflippingtraining/?orid=174016&opid=49 #landinvesting #landflipping #realestateinvesting #landflipping #landflip #flipland #flippingland #realestateinvesting #investing #sidehustle #sidehustles
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Flipping houses and flipping land do ABSOLUTELY share some characteristics. In this video we go into the differences between flipping houses and flipping land, and which may be better to get into. 🔔Subscribe for more content just like this: https://youtube.com/landinvestingonline?sub_confirmation=1 🔥Check out our free Discord https://landinvestingonline.com/Discord TIME STAMPS ================================ 00:00 Introduction 00:20 Members Question 03:08
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In this training, I will teach you How to Flip Land for Profit. The main goal for wholesaling is to How to Flip Land for Profit. So if it doesn’t make dollars it doesn’t make sense. 👉 VACANT LAND SPECIALIST 101 COURSE https://www.wearelandspecialist.com/ 👉 LIVE FEE TRAINING VACANT LAND SECRETS https://www.damiendupee.com/webinar-registration1655147364818 💬 Let us know
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➦ Get 2 free stocks when you signup for Webull and deposit $100: https://bit.ly/antiguruwebull ➦Open a Roth IRA: https://m1.finance/kVw5phu7wFFW In this video, I discuss how I started a vacant land flipping business and some of the risk factors that go into this type of endeavour! If you want to support my channel, check out the
Real Estate investing can be tough, challenging, and overwhelming. Have you ever considered starting with a non-traditional approach? Today’s Real estate investing interview is with Victor Reynolds. We following his amazing, incredible, and gut wrenching journey into the realm of real estate investing, specifically land investing. Victor not only shares some of his land investing