how to wholesale houses

As a leading expert in the wholesaling industry, I’ve made it a priority to educate and inform wholesalers and aspiring wholesalers about regulation, legislation and best practices so that you can operate legally and ethically. It seems like every time I turn around there is another law passed cracking down on wholesaling real estate and
The new SB9 bill allows more real estate to be zoned mulit family. Wholesaling real estate may be affected and how can we as investors profit from this new law. 📈 Where I find the BEST Motivated Sellers using Propstream Sign Up using my link for a FREE Trial: 📞 Make Cold Calls
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Wholesaling Real Estate is Miami is real too. Tamika is here to share her amazing and not so easy real estate investing journey to her first 5 figure payday. Tap this link to access the vacant house tool I used in this video. Need a CRM? Tap this link:​ Need to Find Owners: