real estate investing 101

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Real estate investing for beginners in Hindi ———————- Books I love: 📚 Millionaire Real Estate Investor 📚 ABC of Real Estate 📚 Real Book of Real Estate 📚 Wealth of the Nation 📚 Rich dad Poor dad ——————— For more real estate knowledge, follow on: 📸 Instagram: Digitalinvestng 👍 Facebook: Digitalinvestng 🔁 Twitter: Digitalinvestng ———————
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Real estate investing is not for the faint of heart. It’s illiquid, there’s a time lag, and it requires a high financial IQ. Robert and Kim Kiyosaki started their investing journey with small, single-family homes in the 1980s and graduated to larger, multi-family units as their experience grew.  Today’s guest shares where he’s looking, how
Chief gives us an update on how his children will make $160,000 dollars this year flipping houses using his Deals Delivered Program. His children took a year of college to learn Real Estate Investing. You can do it too! For more information about the Deals Delivered Program: If you want to receive deals delivered
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