real estate investing for beginners

It’s more complicated than you think to calculate the cost on a fix and flip house. You need to specify every single line item of the budget so you don’t underestimate. You can use our software to help you get the calculation correct. βœ… Get your FREE Contractor Estimation Sheet by texting your email address
In this video I share why I sold 3 residential rental units in the Hottest market in order to free up more cash for BIGGER, BETTER investments such as retail commercial real estate. Don’t forget to like and subscribe: Every year, investors make decisions on whether to buy more, sell, hold, or refinance real
In this #SHORTS video we look at what constitutes Real Estate Investing. With Mortgage Rates at record lows a lot of new real estate investors are looking to get into Commercial Real Estate Investing, but there are different Commercial Real Estate options. Often new Real Estate Investors find themselves intimidated by different Real Estate Investment
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