Very grateful for the opportunity to discuss my story and experience with one of the GOATS, Greg Dickerson. We talked about how I’ve been able to go from flipping homes to doing a $23Million Ground Up Multifamily Development in only 36 months. Connect with Greg here: Connect with me here: ____ Michael Oliver
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Want to scale in Multifamily? Hear from the advice of today’s guest, Multifamily real estate entrepreneur and marketing maven, John Casmon. John is the head of Acquisitions and Customer Relations at Casmon Capital Group and has extensive experience collaborating with others to deliver profitable results. He also hosts the popular and rapidly-growing real estate podcast,
During today’s episode of Real Estate Investing I will teach you step-by-step how to obtain a loan and what to do after you get it. Why? Because knowing this information is a vital part of real estate investing. – – – – ► More Grant Cardone Instagram: iTunes: This is an AD FREE Channel with