turnkey rental properties

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If you want to save money do this real estate investment strategy instead of turnkey real estate. Turnkey real estate investing is a very popular real estate investment strategy. This real estate investment strategy is particularly popular with real estate investors who live in expensive real estate markets. Oftentimes turnkey real estate investors find themselves
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You can read more about how I structured my rental property investments here- https://www.hipsterinvestments.com/how-to-best-structure-a-partnership-for-investing-in-rental-properties/ Thoughts for whether you should partner or not- https://www.hipsterinvestments.com/to-partner-or-not-to-partnerthat-is-the-question/ And my own hindsight about my partnering agreements- https://youtu.be/lGrta081WoQ #TurnkeyRentalProperties #RealEstateInvesting #TurnkeyRealEstateInvesting Subscribe to get all the latest updates from my YouTube channel! My new book, NOT Your How-To Guide to Real