Thai Real Estate Lawyer Answers Your Property Buying Questions

Thai Real Estate Lawyer Answers Your Property Buying Questions
Buying Real Estate

I invited a Thai real estate lawyer to answer some of the most common questions pertaining to foreign ownership of property in Thailand. You can contact Mr Sirichot Chaiyachot and Siam Legal at or

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0:00 My introduction
0:33 Introduction to Siam Legal and Khun Sirichot
1:11 What are the most common Thai property law inquiries?
4:29 How can foreigners buy Thai real estate?
9:58 How can foreigners own land in Thailand?
12:52 How can foreigners ensure the legitimacy of the seller and the property?
24:40 Advice on buying property with a Thai spouse?
31:01 What happens to the property in a Thai divorce?
35:22 What happens to the property when a foreigner passes away?
40:18 Does Thailand’s political uncertainty affect foreign property ownership laws?
43:42 Are foreigners treated unfairly in Thai court cases?


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